How to win a snowball fight

  1. Cover yourself when necessary. Cover is important so using trees and other barriers is something to consider. You will even need cover when you are advancing if your team is on the offense.
  2. If possible, try to create forts made out of tightly packed snow to hide behind.
    • • An effective tactic is to pour water on top of your snow forts. The water will then freeze and form an ice layer which will strengthen your barricade even further.
    • • Keep a stash of snowballs at your fort or base area to use in an emergency.
  3. Use teamwork! If you're playing with a group try to get an opponent singled out and focus your snowballing efforts, split up and attack from different directions.
  4. Trick your opponents. Act like you are retreating, but have reinforcements waiting behind a hill or trees, and lead the enemy right to them!
  5. Fight a defensive battle if you are losing, but never an evasive battle. If you keep retreating, your team will be confined to a small area and surrounded. Hold your ground, and have a huge reserve of snowballs.