1. Place a large open container on the floor, step 10 paces away and see who can throw in the most snowballs in 30 seconds or one minute!
  2. Play it backward Turn around and throw over your head!
  3. Two players stand 10 feet or more apart, take 5 snowballs each and see who can throw them closest to their opponent.
  4. Take 5 snowballs, cut a colored piece of paper the size of a quarter and place under one snowball, switch them around quickly, then stop and see who can guess where the colored paper is under which snowball!
  5. Have the snowball fight of your life! Divide snowballs between players and hide behind chairs and sofas or "your forts" and throw snowballs at each other!
  6. Place one snowball on each of your bare feet, "don't get too cold", see how far you can walk before they fall off. Longest time wins!
  7. Snowball hide-n-seek. Hide all your snowballs and let opponent try to find them in 5 minutes!
  8. If you have a long hallway, stand at one end and see who can throw the farthest snowball!
  9. Place all the snowballs in a row on the floor and place carrier 10 feet away. See how quickly all the snowballs can be picked up and put in the carrier. Fastest time wins!

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